Sunday Service at 11:00AM

Our Premier, Blaine Higgs has announced new guidelines in regards to Covid-19.

These changes allow us to do something special in the lives of the people at Faith Christian Fellowship Moncton so that we might do something special for Jesus in our tri-community region of Greater Moncton.

 To accommodate this and to allow room for growth we will be adjusting our Sunday morning service schedule to 9:30am and 11:00am.

We encourage you to still be invitational and invite your friends to engage Jesus. Should one service reach capacity you can register for the other. Should two services not meet our needs we can move to a third.


God will always entrust people seeking Him to churches that are ready for them - and share His passion to seek and to save.

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Frequently asked questions

How Is Sunday Morning Going To Change  9:30am & 11:00am

Our service format will be familiar with praise and worship, updates on a few items during service as well as an opportunity to participate in the Lord’s tithe and offering (physical distancing will be implemented). This will be followed by a time of preaching and ministry. As always we are sensitive to the needs of people and the flow of the Holy Ghost. You will enter the church at our main (marked) entrance into our lobby and exit the building through our secondary entrance (off the auditorium). Greeters will welcome you at the door while practicing physical distancing. The flow of traffic will only move in one direction with arrows to assist you on the floor. There will be no Connect Cafe or refreshments served and washrooms will be restricted to two people at any given time. Our auditorium seating plan will be structured for social distancing and everyone is expected to follow distancing guidelines as set out by our provincial government.

How Do I Choose Which Service To Attend

You will pre-register for each service online at or by calling the church office at 506-871-9881. Should your service preference be filled we will direct you to the other service. In the event that both services are reaching capacity we will move to a third service.

Attend One - Serve One

One exciting benefit to having two services is that you may have the opportunity to attend one service and serve at another

What About FCF Moncton Online Church

We understand that after prolonged self-isolating there may be some social anxieties concerning a public worship experience. We will continue to live stream our Sunday services on Facebook at 11AM.

What About Kids Ministry

Celebrity Kids and Little Superstars will be at our 11AM service.

The Reality

We realize that as exciting as this is it will be an adjustment. We are not making these changes to increase comfort, but because it's the best plan we have to reach more people for Jesus Christ during Covid-19 guidelines.
One adjustment will be the transition times between services. There will be no prolonged socializing as we will have only 30 minutes to prepare for the second service. Our services will be shorter than you are used to and social distancing guidelines will be an adjustment to how we would normally gather together.